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Corner shower curtain rod oil rubbed bronze reviews

Corner shower curtain rod oil rubbed bronze ideas There are many designs and fashions of curtain rod, one of them is corner shower curtain rod oil rubbed bronze. The bronze nuance is becoming very famous because of the classy looking of this when it is installed in a room. Actually, this bronze theme is not only good for bathroom, but it is suitable also in kitchen room, bedroom or living […]

How To Make A Corner Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

How To Make A Corner Shower Curtain Rod Reviews It is important for you to know how to make a corner shower curtain rod. This understanding is for helping you to apply the suitable curtain rod in your bathroom. The best step when you are installing curtain rod, you must know which is good or not for your bathroom, especially shower curtain rod. With this understanding, you will easier to […]

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About Brass Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Brass Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Base and Finish Before talking about the brass curved shower curtain rod, we need to know about the curved shower curtain first. There are a lot of curtain rod with many shaped and style for different application; like L shaped rod, rounded rod, rectangular rod and curved rod. The curved rod which is also known as crescent rods is the innovation of straight rods that […]

Plastic Shower Curtain Rod Cover

Development of Plastic Shower Curtain Rod Cover Besides curtains, plastic shower curtain rod cover can also be a barrier or bathroom door. Equally made of plastic, shower curtain is also waterproof so it is not quickly broken. In the home furnishings stores usually sell a lot of shower curtain in the bathroom. The options also vary on the type, model, brand, and price. There are also selling a set with […]