Make a search through some sources for standard shower curtain rod size

The pros of knowing standard shower curtain rod size To get a standard shower curtain rod size, then we can do a search through several sources including the internet and magazines interior. When performing a search, we will find that the standard size for a shower curtain rod or hover around 5 feet 60 inches. However, we also can get the size that has been adjusted in the range between […]

Beautiful bathroom with betty boop shower curtains bathroom accessories

Pink bathroom using Betty Boop Shower Curtains Bathroom Accessories Betty boop shower curtains bathroom accessories can make your bathroom more beautiful. Choosing the right colors and combinations to the bathroom is not an easy task and requires a lot of experience. Most people choose to use cool colors that will give a refreshing feeling and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Basically, the best is to combine a dark color with bright […]

Black and white butterfly shower curtain with dynamic accents

Black And White Butterfly Shower Curtain Material Window curtains or fabric cover not just an accessory or complementary. Choosing proper black and white butterfly shower curtain will make the home more beautiful. The curtains colors are fitted with wall paint color will also make the home look more beautiful. Curtain is not only as a protective curtain of sunlight, but also serves to make the home lovelier. There some things […]

Polyester extra long shower curtain Kohls

The Pros of Polyester extra long shower curtain Kohls You are suggested to buy polyester extra long shower curtain Kohls. Polyester is synthetic fabric. It is a man made product. Kohls has several selections of polyester extra long shower curtain. Polyester is great material for creating shower curtain. It has many great features. If you still unsure with the polyester shower curtain, you can read the pros and cons of […]

Choosing Texture of Hookless Shower Curtain With Liner

Color Style and Length of Hookless Shower Curtain Liner To select the texture of hookless shower curtain liner, consider the atmosphere of the room to be created. In the formal bathroom, you can choose the material of silk or velvet. Other fabric option that could more easily be washed is a mix of smooth rayon fabric and cotton sateen. As for the rooms that are relaxed, you can choose a […]

Moen Double Shower Curtain Rings for Child’s Bathroom

Designing Child’s Bathroom with Moen Double Shower Curtain Rings The bathroom is an important part of a home including a Moen double shower curtain rings. Some people put a few decorations and accessories in it that may be futile, but if we look from the side of the bathroom decor children then the story will be different. In your child bathroom, you should keep things simple yet fun so kids […]

What is half circle shower curtain rod?

Advantages of half circle shower curtain rod What do you think about half circle shower curtain rod? Do you want to install it for hanging your shower curtain? You should choose the right shower curtain rod for your bathroom. There are many kinds of shower curtain rod. There are straight shower curtain rod, circle shower curtain rod, and half circle curtain rod. One of favorite rods is a half circle […]

Arranging Eileen Fisher Sheer Linen Shower Curtain

Eileen Fisher Sheer Linen Shower Curtain Combined With Accessories Eileen fisher sheer linen shower curtain with natural shades are often carried into the theme of the home. They are both exterior and interior such as natural shades inspired bathroom. You can boldly bring natural feeling like fish into your bathroom. Natural impression can be presented through the curtains and some accents on a mini waterfall, koi pond, and plants. Materials […]