Best Curved Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

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How To Apply Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The curved shower curtain rod is choice for you who want to get the challenge design of your bathroom. The bathroom is becoming wonderful and perfect when we are installing curved model. Let us discuss about the curved model and its function. Then, there are many kinds of curved model that you can choose for your bathroom shower.

Cozy bathroom is able to be displayed with wonderful decoration and the hardware application. There are many hardware applications that can be applied in your shower room. Then, what is the correlation of curved shower curtain rod with the beauty of your bathroom? Of course the effect is very big. The beauty of bathroom is depending on the application installed, for example is curved curtain rod. The curved curtain rod is one of option curtain rod. Actually, there is other model that you can install there, but in this meeting we are going to discuss about curved curtain rod only. The effect of curved model installing is influencing your bathroom panorama.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod Design

If you have small space of your bathroom, curved shower curtain rod is the suitable design. The curved design is dividing into some designs, such as L shape, U shape, neo angle shape. The L shape is like L letter which has different long size between the one side and other side. Unfortunately, L shape is not good for small bathroom which has snug space for being applied curtain rod. So, if you have too small room of your bathroom, it will be better if you apply U shape.

Curved shower curtain rod tension

U shape is like a half of circle. The too small space is able to be installed U shape curtain rod. The H shape is available in small or big measure. You can apply this on your really small corner of your bathroom also. It is going to be more beautiful when you install it close to window for getting shiny nuance there when you are taking a bath or dressing up. But, if you think that U shape is too monotone, maybe the neo angle can give you more challenge feeling. It has unique model which is combination of straight rod and curved rod. Take the long corner area for placing this rod. The long length is created by using this curved shower curtain rod tension.

6 Photos of the Best Curved Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

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