Get the right standard length of shower curtains

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Choose the right standard length of shower curtains

To get the right information to the standard length of shower curtains then do a search through several sources such as the internet, catalogs, magazines, and other sources will be a very good idea to apply. Shower curtains are one of the important items that will help the bathrooms have an area that is free of water and found the shower curtains with the right size would be very important to note.

When we had a shower curtain with a size that is too narrow or too short, it is a great possibility for us to find water everywhere, which in turn makes the bathroom into an area that is less comfortable. To note, the standard length of shower curtains is 60 inches and we can get a few extra inches if we want a shower curtain which is able to accommodate the edge of the tub. When we decided to get shower curtains, then in addition to knowing the standard sizes offered in the market, we also must pay attention to the needs of each. Be sure to get shower curtains with a height longer than a shower stall to ensure that the water caught up with precise and can be directed to the inside curb shower. Then, what about the width of a standard shower curtain? Well, we have to take measurements throughout the length of the curtain rod first, and then add 12 inches so that the curtain can reach the walls on both sides. The average size of a standard for shower curtains is 60 inches, and when coupled with an additional 12 inches, then the average width of shower curtain around 70 to 72 inches. To measure a new shower curtain, then we have to measure from the underside of curtain rod up to one inch above the floor that will determine the right length for the shower curtain. Standard length of shower curtains is 60 inches as mentioned above, and the dimensions of which will be found ranging from 70 to 72 inches.

Know what standard length of shower curtains guide

Then, what rules to regulate the level of standard height for curtain rod. However, at least we can hang it by leaving 1 or 2 inches above the floor. If we let the shower curtain touch the floor, then the possibility for us to collect more dust and dirt will be much more that of course we do not want, is not it?!. It is important that we must consider before deciding to do installation standard length of shower curtains guide is to decide where we will drill the holes for the brackets.

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