How to Install a Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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Introduction for How to install Tension Shower Curtain Rod

There are many homeowners that prefer to use tension curtain rod for their shower curtain and it is important for them to know how to install a tension shower curtain rod. A tension rod is great to hang a light to medium weight curtain. You can hang it without the need to nail or screw anything on the wall. This kind of rod work by the friction from the spring loaded and you need to adjust the rod to fairly tight in order to properly hold the curtain. That’s the reason why the tension rod is popular, because this type of rod can be removed without leaving any trace behind.

How to Install a Tension Shower Curtain Rod, Regular One

It is quite easy about how to install a tension shower curtain rod. This Tension rod is often used for people who are renting apartments and cannot screw a shower curtain rod or curtain mounting hardware into the wall. For the installation, you can start by feed the rod through the rings on the curtain. Tension rod has a transition point between large diameter section on one side and smaller one inside. After that grasp the large diameter section rod with one hand and grab the smaller one with other hand, then lengthen the rod till the rod is about inch shorter than the width of the shower. Place the rod in approximate place you want to hang it and leave it unscrew until both ends are fits between two surfaces. You can keep twisting the sides of the rod may in opposite direction to tighten it. If you want to loosen the spring it, just simply twist the ends of the rod in other direction.   The rod will loosen up and decrease in length, letting it to be removed and without causing any damage to the wall. To make sure to open and close the shower curtain under how to install a tension shower curtain rod a few time.

Tips in Installing the Tension Shower Curtain Rod

There are a few tips in order to balance between making the tension rod quite loose to protect the wall but still tight enough to hold the curtain. You can add small piece of Velcro to the end of the rod and another one on the wall. Just add enough Velcro to cover the end of the rod. The Velcro will add the tension of the rod because the friction from Velcro will keep the rod stays in its place. There is another alternative way as well. You can permanently mount the rod with screw-on flanges. If it possible, position the tension rod in front of a wall nail to prevent holes or cracks in drywall. Those are the tips of how to install tension shower curtain properly and savely.

5 Photos of the How to Install a Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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