Croscill Shower Curtains Discontinued for Modern Bathrooms

Specifications of Croscill Shower Curtains Discontinued Croscill shower curtains discontinued can be used in minimalist bathrooms trend. Modern bathrooms indirectly shift the use of the tub to shower. Of course this shift is due to the use of shower having a plus compared to the bathtub. Besides not need to drain, shower also does not need a large place and also savings compared to the bath water. Accessories are mandatory […]

Adjustable Corner Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

Curved Adjustable Corner Shower Curtain Rod Having adjustable corner shower curtain rod is the best application for your shower room. With adjustable model, we are able to adjust the rod based on what we need. Remember, adjustable model does not mean that we can change the rod as often as we can. But, we must consider also about the ability and the efficiency. Adjustable design is good for cleaning treatment […]