Get the right length for your shower curtain length measurement

Consider your bathroom configuration for right shower curtain length measurement To get the exact shower curtain length measurement, there are some important things that must be considered. To note, the shower curtain is a standard size of 70 inches to 72 inches. When we had a shower stall with a higher size and slimmer, then we can choose to get the right dimensions like 50 inches x 78 inches. Why? […]

Bed Bath and Beyond shower curtain rods

The Bed Bath and Beyond curtain rods options If we intend to get Bed Bath and Beyond shower curtain rods, then visit the official website will be the perfect choice to be done. We will find several choices of curtain rods that we can apply in the bathroom and make the bathroom has a more attractive appearance. Shower curtain rod has a function and a very important role, not only […]