Extra Long Shower Curtain with Valance in Bathroom

Spectacular Extra Long Shower Curtain with Valance As a decorating touch, extra long shower curtain with valance gives your bathroom a much more formal appearance. Common style design of Valance decorating, simple shower curtains are just as much at home in a more modern bathroom. They set off the shower and make it the focal point of your room. They add a beautiful, royal appearance to your bathroom and make […]

Finding the right Shower Curtain Rod for Clawfoot Bathtub

Finding Shower Curtain Rod For Clawfoot bathtub Finding proper shower curtain rod for clawfoot bathtub is necessary to complete the classic style of clawfoot in your bathroom. Are you enjoying taking shower in clawfoot bathtub? The classic and yet elegance ambiance of this kind of tub can bring different atmosphere for entire bathroom design. With the right shower curtain you can keep the elegance of the tub while keeping the […]